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Printers Green Resource LLC is pleased to offer its InGreen group Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) chain-of-custody (COC) certification program for in-plant printers, public printers and private printers. We also certify companies converting FSC certified wood into finished products and distributors of FSC building materials and paper. This program makes it more affordable and easier than ever for the small printer, distributor or wood working facility to become, and stay, FSC certified. Companies sitting on the sidelines due to the high cost of single location certification, or worrying about meeting all the FSC rules and regulations can relax. They now have an advocate that can drastically reduce FSC certification costs and assist with many FSC administrative requirements thanks to the group certification process. Our FSC group chain-of-custody number is RA-CoC-005902.

As most companies dealing with paper and wood know, FSC is the premier environmental certification program in the world. FSC certification will not only vastly increase a company’s credibility regarding running a sustainable business, it quite possibly could provide a competitive advantage, as recent polls show consumers will choose products they deem more environmentally acceptable 86 percent of the time. There is no more cost-effective way for a company to demonstrate it’s commitment to the environment than by becoming FSC certified. As an added benefit, InGreen will help you establish additional credibility through its marketing support.

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