FSC Saves Forest by Cutting Down Trees?

According to the USDA Forest Service, approximately 60% of the forests in the United States are privately held. Do you know what usually happens when a landowner cannot profit from his investment? He sells it. And it’s usually not to someone who wants to take over an unprofitable forest and try to make a go of it. Many times, it’s a developer who is planning to turn a working forest into the next golf course, housing development, or shopping center. FSC works to keep forests economically viable by making sure that:

  • FSC-certified forest operations are structured and managed to be sufficiently profitable to avoid alternative development
  • Profit does not come at the expense of the forest resources, the ecosystem, or the affected communities
  • Trees that are cut down to make FSC-certified paper do not harm the forest or the environment
  • FSC harvested trees are part of an overall plan to keep a forest healthy and safe

FSC saves forests by working with land owners, not against them. It’s the perfect model for preserving our forests and a great reason for you to buy FSC products.



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